Kimberly Hildner, MD


Prenatal care, Delivery, Gynecologic Medicine

Kimberly Hildner MD

Hi my name is Dr Kimberly Hildner!

A little bit about me; I was born in Maine while my dad was a family medicine resident but then we moved to Florida when I was a baby. I grew up in Ocala, Florida with my three younger sisters. From there, I went to college at the University of Notre Dame (Go Irish!) and then to Loyola University of Chicago for medical school. I completed my OB/GYN residency training at the University of North Carolina’s SEAHEC campus in Wilmington, NC. I have loved and enjoyed every place I’ve lived and made lifelong friends along the way, I am so excited to be starting private practice in Colorado.

I have always loved to soak up the outdoors. Living in coastal North Carolina, I have made excellent use of my inflatable paddle board which just stays packed in my car for whenever I get a chance to go down to the beach. I am really looking forward to getting my hiking gear some more use along with taking my dog Ron on adventures and hitting the ski slopes this winter.

Traveling is another of my passions. I speak Spanish so I love visiting South and Central America the most but I have so many places still on my list.

As far as activities I like to do at home– I love to cook. Fresh ingredients are always the secret ingredient, so I am so excited to get to explore the Denver area’s farmers markets!

As much as I love all of those activities, OB/GYN is an equal passion of mine. Women’s healthcare is so multifaceted and even though the obstetric and gynecologic needs of a patient change so much over time, it is such a pleasure to be able to care for the same patient through all of it. I absolutely love prenatal care and delivering babies. I also have a particular interest in gynecologic medicine and have focused a lot of my training on minimally invasive surgery.

I am very much looking forward to caring for the women in the Castle Rock/Englewood area!