Teen Health

Our Nurse Practitioners and Certified Nurse-Midwives are a great resource in educating young women on the changes their bodies will undergo during puberty.


  • Sexual transmitted infection testing

  • Family Planning

  • Annual exams & Sports Physicals

  • Gardasil® HPV Vaccination

  • Safe sex counseling

  • Pre-college discussions – sexuality

  • Pregnancy testing

  • Vaginal infections

Read more about the Gardasil® HPV Vaccination

South Denver Obstetrics & Gynecology also offers the Gardasil® HPV Vaccination for teens to protect against the HPV virus which can result in cervical cancer and genital warts.  Initiating the Gardasil vaccine series is a great way to begin the discussion of women’s health with young girls.  Birth control consults for family planning needs or menstrual cycle regulation can also be discussed during a consult for adolescent health.  The foundation of these discussions with teens is making informed choices and having respect for their bodies — our staff are very comfortable discussing these issues with teens.