Natalie Gale Lockhart, Certified Nurse Midwife, FNP-BC


Pregnancy Care, Midwifery, Holistic Care, Nutrition, Trauma-Informed Care, Integrative Health

Natalie Gale Lockhart, CNM, FNP-BC

Natalie Gale Lockhart, CNM, FNP-BC has been working in holistic health and preventative care for years. Her background is in biology & nutrition, with an emphasis on healthy lifestyle care. She is dually trained as a family nurse practitioner & midwife and has been catching babies full time for about three years.

Natalie attended Vanderbilt University School of Nursing and has a Masters of Science with an emphasis in Midwifery & Family Practice. She specializes in Pregnancy Care, Midwifery, Holistic Care, Nutrition, Trauma-Informed Care, and Integrative Health.

“I grew up training my mind very well — lots of books and studying. One of the most amazing parts of midwifery practice, though, is having trained my hands well enough to detect subtle changes. It is an incredible experience to feel a baby’s position in labor and use this information to encourage a woman in different position changes, resolving labor “hold-ups.” Other sacred moments have been making goals with patients for health improvement and walking alongside women with histories of trauma.

Natalie has always loved nutrition and the power of lifestyle to affect health and quality of life. In college, she studied prelaw (prior to biology), thinking she may be a consumer lobbyist for where environmental health affects human health. She fell in love with the midwifery philosophy of care– treating pregnancy as primarily a relational/spiritual/emotional event that occasionally has medical implications. There is enormous potential to affect up to three generations of health (mama, baby, baby’s progeny) by the presence or absence of attentive prenatal care. Outside of pregnancy care, she has a deep love for caring for women with pain, fatigue, depression, and other “global” issues related to their hormonal/gynecologic health.

“You are an expert in your body. You’re the only one who knows what it is like to be “you,” and that is incredibly valuable. While I offer my expertise for women’s health and pregnancy care, I need your expertise about your body to provide my knowledge in the most helpful way.”

Outside of the clinic, Natalie loves the arts, especially music. Before her time as a midwife, she spent much of her time singing & writing music. She enjoys walking, dancing, reading nerdy books, and spending time with her husband, James.