Menopause is a normal part of life, and is marked by your last menstrual period. Women typically experience menopause between their late 40’s and late 50’s.  Signs and symptoms of menopause vary among women.  As estrogen levels drop, various parts of the body are impacted.  The following signs are common in menopausal women:

Irregular periods — Periods cease to be as regular and predictable — length of periods and blood flow may increase or decrease.  While these changes all usually normal, contact us if you have:

  • Periods very close together

  • Heavy bleeding

  • Spotting

  • Periods lasting more than a week

  • Periods resuming after no bleeding for more than a year

Hot flashes — A sudden feeling of heat is referred to as a “hot flash”, and can last 30 seconds to 10 minutes.  Women can experience hot flashes for several years after menopause as estrogen levels change.

Sleep disruption Often women have trouble with getting a good night’s sleep.  Whether it is difficult to fall asleep, or going back to sleep, women can experience fatigue due to lack of restful sleep.

Mood changes — As estrogen level change, women can find themselves more moody and irritable.  Stress and fatigue are common, and can lead to bouts of depression.  Call us if you are having severe depression.

 Vaginal health — During menopause the vagina may get drier and cause sexual intercourse to be uncomfortable. Other health issues may include vaginal or bladder infections.

Bladder control — Some women experience incontinence during menopause.  Urine may also leak while laughing, sneezing or during exercise.

Body & mind changes — During menopause, women can experience weight gain and changes in physical appearance as muscle mass is lost and fat is stored.  Joints may feel stiff and achy, and skin can get thinner.  Also, minor memory loss can occur.

The providers at South Denver OB/GYN can help you navigate this often challenging season of your life. Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) provides a safe and effective option to help you look and feel your best.