The origin of midwife means “with woman”. The philosophy of care focuses on the specific needs of a woman, empowers women to participate in their health care and minimize unnecessary intervention. Midwives view adolescent changes, pregnancy, birth and menopause as natural life transitions. Yet the midwife can intervene if the transition is a bumpier road for some. Education and listening are key components of the midwife style of care. There are several types of midwives. The midwives at South Denver Obstetrics & Gynecology are Certified Nurse-Midwives.

Certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) are licensed health care providers educated in nursing and midwifery.  A Certified nurse midwife has passed a national certification exam and renews the certification every eight years. Certified nurse midwives in Colorado are license487703581d by the Colorado Board of Nursing.  In Colorado Certified Nurse Midwives are independent health care providers with full prescription authority.  CNMs have a referral system within our practice, in place for complications or issues not in their scope of practice.  CNMs provide care to women throughout the lifespan from teenage years through menopause including pregnancy and birth.  During pregnancy and birth CNMs use less medical intervention, however, if complications arise a CNM is trained to intervene medically.

To learn more our midwives, visit the South Denver Midwives website.

And, if you have more questions about your pregnancy, visit the Pregnancy Resources page.


"Dr. Bergstrom is a life saver, literally!! 9 weeks into my pregnancy I was rushed to Littleton ER were a Dr with horrible bedside manner told my husband and I we had lost our precious baby, but had not told us it kindly at all. Same horrible Dr did however refer us to Dr. Bergstrom to preform a DNC the following week. At that appointment Dr. Bergstrom was incredibly sympathetic, compassionate and made me feel like he truely cared. Before performing the DNC he asked to first do an ultrasound, thankfully! We found out that we had been pregnant with twins and while we did lose one we did still have a small miracle growing inside me! Had he not done the ultrasound our beautiful daughter would not be here today, 8 years later! Dr. Bergstrom showed us so much compassion that I felt like I was being treated as he would someone in his own family. When delivery day came he happened to be in an emergency c-section so Dr. Graham delivered my daughter, he was also great! I highly recommend these 2 doctors!"

Holly (Yelp review)

"Love everything about the practice. I initially went here when I got pregnant because i wanted to see a midwife, but still wanted the security of OBGYNs if I had any problems. I'm glad I did, because at 28 weeks I became high risk and was put on bed rest. I primarily saw Dr. Graham and could not have been happier. He always explained my medical issues in terms I could understand and was very thorough. I was always surprised about how much time he spends in the exam room with patients. I have ever had a doctor spend that much time talking with me at every appointment. I always felt confident in his decisions and suggestions throughout my pregnancy. My delivery was wonderful. I also saw Dr. Bergstrom for several appointments and for a post delivery check in the hospital. He is such a nice man and I can really tell that he cares a lot about his patients' well being, both physically and emotionally. I could not say more good things about Dr. Graham and Dr. Bergstrom."

M.S. (Yelp review)

"LOVED IT! I went to a different clinic for years, but when my favorite NP (Redd!!) moved offices, I had to stick with her! The cleanliness, professionalism, and comfort of the office is over the top! Redd is amazing - passionate, caring, funny, and makes anything that "should be" awkward ... not! Would send all of my friends and family here!"

Lauren (Yelp review)

"I will recommend this place and Redd to every single person who is looking for an OBGYN. This lady is seriously amazing. She is funny, makes things comfortable, is completely upfront and honest, and is the reason I keep going back. So please take my word for it, not the lady below. Redd is amazing. I have got at least two of my friends to switch to going to her and they both love her like I do.

Thanks Redd, you're awesome!! I wouldn't go to anyone else."

Lindsey (Yelp review)

"Dr. Lennon was very professional and knowledgable, and the staff was very friendly. He was sure that I was comfortable and confident when leaving his office. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Lennon to anyone. I will be a continuing patient of his."

ZocDoc review

"The birth of our baby, turned into the most beautiful experience of our lives. Thank you South Denver for your compassion!"

Sarah (Yelp review)

"Dr. Lennon is by far the kindest, most sincere physician. He really takes the time to listen and ease concerns. His knowledge is immense, accurate and I would recommend him with huge confidence. I wish all physicians were like Dr. Lennon. To your health!"

ZocDoc review

"South Denver OBGYN has been such a blessing to our family. Dr. Bergstrom is so awesome. He provides unmatched care for his patients. He's very experienced, kind, a great listener, and very patient with the cuckoo pregnant women (like I was!). I miscarried the day before Christmas Eve, and the OB surgery floor wasn't going to be open that day. Dr. Bergstrom arranged for the kind people on the OB surgery team to come in and meet him so that he could perform my D&C. He was so merciful and kind in that time of loss. He is incredibly accommodating and understanding. You may end up waiting a bit in the patient rooms, but it's only because he is so thorough with all of his patients. You will undoubtedly be blessed by Dr. B. and the staff at South Denver OBGYN."

Kelli (Yelp review)

"I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Graham and Dr. Bergstrom. I transferred to this practice at 20 weeks pregnant after having a terrible expertise with another local OB office. I was hesitant to switch because the switch meant delivering at another hospital. I was so grateful that I switched. I had such a wonderful experience with this office. The wait times were very minimal, appointments were flexible and easy to schedule. I ended up being high risk and requires weekly doc appts, ultrasounds and bi-weekly NSTs. I had no issues scheduling any of these. I love the patient portal. I can't imagine ever having another doctor deliver my babies. Love love love."

Jamie (Yelp review)

"I've been seeing Dr.Graham for over 15 years and he is absolutely the best!!! I highly recommend his practice."

ZocDoc review

"The staff are so wonderful. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and professional. I needed an ultrasound right after a well-woman check and they just walked me down to the end of the hall and fit me in. They also do blood-draws right there so everything was so convenient.

They also gave me my flu shot while I was there, so that was great as well."

Brenda W. (Google+ review)